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Skin Rolling:

$20 per 15 min increment

Relaxation Massage:

Hot Stone Massage:

60min $70...90min $95...2hrs $135

De-stress and loosen tight, tense muscles with pressure applied to your specifications.  Smooth gliding strokes ensures to reduce stress and leave you feeling overall relaxed.

60min $60...90min $85...2hrs $125


Deep Tissue Massage:

Seaweed Wrap:

Specifically constructed to teach you proper techniques to reduce wrinkles and improve skin tone.  Accompanied by the appropriate essential oils you will leave with a youthful glow.

Mobile Massage:

Begins with a full body dry brush to ensure maximum mineral absorption. Seaweed is full of antioxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamin A, which improves elasticity, eliminates toxin build up, increases skin cell regeneration, and speeds up metabolism.  

Seated chair massage or table massage brought right to you.  This is a case by case basis and reserved for established clients or business owners looking to add a health benefit to there place of employment.  Please contact me directly for any details regarding this service. 

Focuses on realigning deeper muscle tissues as well as the tendons and fascia involved with pain and discomfort.  This massage is more intense and does push the pain threashold unlike relaxation massage.  It leaves you feeling more open and relaxed at the end of the session.

Essential Oil Therapy:


A massage designed to help a specific medical condition.  A medical referral is required from your physician.  L&I, MVA, Aetna and First Choice are among some of the covered insurancess.  

Add this on to your regular massage to eliminate the appearance of cellulite and release of adhesions lying beneath the skins surface.

Provides extra relaxation with heated to relieve and release deep muscle tension.  Helps reduce and elimitate lactic acid build up and begin the healing process more quickly than any other massage.

A full scalp, neck and shoulder massage designed to improve and restore hair loss as well as reduce tension headaches and migraines.  Using custom essential oil blends to maximize the results you are looking for. 

Facial Massage:

A full body scrub improves mineral absorption of this treatment as well, which is high in silica and magnesium.  Rhassoul clay feels like silk improving skin tone, reducing blemishes, eliminating clogged pores and increasing elasticity.  This treatment is ideal for combination skin.

Indian Scalp Massage:

$20 per 15 min increment


Medical Massage:

Clay Wrap:

60min $120

60min $65...90min $85...2hr $125

30min $40

Add an essential oil or comnination of oils to your massage to maximize the results you are looking for.  Everything from healing aches and pains to reducing the appearance of wrinkles and cellulite.  

$5 add on