Kristi Beers saved my active life and my sanity!  I am a pretty active mountain biker and practice hot yoga several times a week.  Temporary aches and pains really left me feeling "accomplished".  I had not considered deep tissue massage until I over did a home construction project and ignored my tightening muscles for a few days which literally brought me to my knees.  Regular deep tissue massages from Kristi have helped me to keep up with my full schedule and continue having a blast mountain biking and now skiing.  Thanks Kristi!
- Vern B 2016


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My son reached an age in 2012, when it was time for me to go back to school.  I was working in the healthcare field but wanted a more active role in patient care.  I found myself at the doorsteps of Alexandar School of Natural Therapeutics enrolling to become a massage therapist.  I began my work study program and after a year I had completed the schooling while working full time.  I quickly learned that massage therapy was going to fulfill all that I had ever dreamed it could and more.  I needed diversity and challenges in my day.  Massage brings me fantastic interesting people who are looking to either just relax and unwind or with specific ailments and issues that they would like fixed.  I welcome them all with the goal to relax and heal by finding and assisting with necessary changes in life habits that bring them pain and discomfort.  

Let your healing begin here...

I threw my back out about a month and a half ago so I had to go in for medical massages. I was scheduled to see a different massage therapist, but that individual never showed up to my appointment. It was a blessing in disguise because I then found a different massage expert, Kristi Beers. She was amazing. I was very nervous that it would hurt because I do not like being pushed on, but I just spoke up and told Kristi that I am sensitive and she made sure to be gentle. I saw her for 2 weeks twice a week and she made my back feel just like new again. By the end of the 2 weeks I was able to let Kristi work her true magic and push on me a little harder. It wasn't even painful, it was honestly wonderful.  I saw her once a week for an extra 2 weeks just to make sure my back had really healed, and maybe because I just loved Kristi's massages. I now feel just like new and highly recommend Kristi for either medical massage or just a relaxation massage. I have a relaxation massage and I cannot wait to schedule my appointment.

-Tiffany H 2014

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